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name : hiraiyoko
Since 1994, I have been trying to revive interest in ancient textiles
which used a traditional technique of cross-stitching by making

Above all, I pay special attention to the reproduction of
interspersed serial-patterns which, for example, can be seen in Assisi
embroideries or Greek Bed-tents.

Currently, I am weaving Persian pattern textiles in the style often
used now in Germany.

My works are now exhibited in a magazine The SHISHU-TSUSHIN (Vol.12),
which is published by Ondori-sha.
What I take great interest in these days is the restoration of
traditional stitch-patterns from Romania, and you can see the results
in the pages of The Pretty Little Cross-Stitch Patterns of
Eastern Europe (ISBN: 978-4-309-28255-8) which I recently published through Kawade Shobo Shinsha, a Tokyo-based publisher.

In December of 2011, I made an appearance on a TV program of
NHK (a state-run broadcasting station) as a cross-stitch instructor and introduced to the audience the traditional Italian cross-stitch patterns I have restored from old samplers.
In that program, I also gave a demonstration of how to embroider those cross-stitch patterns on a small cushion.

" Cross stitch traditional patterns " was published by Magazine Land in Japan in November 2012.
(I restored the Nordic folk costume patterns and stitched them on cushions and so on)

"Coussins au de croix inspiration folk" was published by les editions de saxe in France in September 2016.

"Hirai Yoko's small cross stitch" was published by Magazine Land in Japan in November 2016.
( I restored the sampler made in Italy in 1877 and stitched them on familiar items.)

If you have any question or request, please contact me by e-mail.

Thank you.


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